[theforum] Short Down Time for Upgrade

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Aug 15 13:29:03 CDT 2002

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William Anderson wrote:

>>During the router upgrade seems to be a good time to move the
>>evolt.org servers to the new circuits.
>>a) What says everyone about a definite 30 minute downtime for the
>>b) or a possible downtime without moving the servers to the new
>I'd go for 1(a)
This is the consensus so far, and my preferred action as well.  Shall we
consider it settled?

>>2) Will Dean, Matt, John or anyone in sysadmin be available if there
>>are problems during reboot if we take option 1a?
>Midnight EDT is 5am BST - I'll be zonked unless I make an effort - what
>problems do we envisage?
Just not sure if the boot sequences have all the services set up to be
started at bootup.  Some may have to be started manually and I don't
know the systems well enough yet to know what may be missing untill a
problem is reported.  I'd rather not have any problems reported.

Dean said he could be available and I will be on-site.

>>3) Once we know which option we want to take, we need to get an
>>announcement out quick.
>Yah - can I propose we quickly build status.evolt.org either now or for
>post-this-outage so that instead of sysadmin types having to write articles
>and approve them etc etc bollocks, we have a mechanism for showing people
>that weo/leo/beo/deo/meo/etc is alive/dead and if dead, for what reason, and
>also to give announcements of any forthcoming outages ... makes sense,
>especially since we provide services via meo / beo ...
I like this idea.  We probably need to make this a thread of it's own to
keep up with suggestions and actions.  For beginners, we probably want
it on a server other than the evolt.org servers, if they are down, the
page couldn't be served.

>>Sorry for the short notice, I was informed of the need to upgrade the
>>backbone router this morning and it could not be put off for another
>>week for better notification.
>no probs Ron, thanks for the headsup.
I have always preferred pro-active to oops!

Ron D.

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