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> Got home and checked email this morning. Had the following four
> emails come in to the give@ address.
> I haven't responded to anyone yet. Any suggestions? Should these be
> coming to me, or to SysAdmin?
> [snip]
> I would like to offer up 5gb of bandwidth for evolt's browser
> [snip]
> I can offer 100MB storage and 6GB of bandwidth until at least
> [snip]
> I could "donate" 15GB traffic per month if that would help. The
> [snip]

the offers of partial archive mirrorage are welcome, but must be put on the
todo-pile, because we've yet to implement a mechanism for partial mirror
service on beo, along with the "you've served up about x gig and you're at
your limit for the month, and we won't list you until next month" nifty

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