[Theforum] bandwidth/mirror donations, etc.

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Aug 15 17:02:05 CDT 2002

Hi Marlene,

That's super!

The bandwidth assistance is very nice and I saw Neuro say it was still
being worked on...

... BUT ... I'm much more interested in how we respond to the Tom Granger
mail about cooperative marketing.  I have no idea what the product
is or what it does ... but it might be a nice way to get our
organizational feet wet in (a) setting a policy and sticking to it,
and (b) getting some experience working with these kinds of things
'as an organization' - which might be excellent practice for when
we approach companies that we really really want to work with.

I'm excited about the concept of getting this kind of support and
collaboration. {I dunno if I'm excited about this particular
opportunity or not - since I haven't done any research.}

(Sorry - been kinda busy at work and home lately.  Hopefully things
will slow down some in another month or two and I can be a little
more active again.)

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