[Theforum] status.evolt.org proposal

Dean Mah dmah at members.evolt.org
Thu Aug 15 17:18:33 CDT 2002

Sounds good to me.  If we want this done right away, the eouk box
sounds like the one to go with.  We should have a secondary DNS out
there to resolve to seo when Ron's machines are off the network.

Later on to automate the page, if someone with some SNMP expertise
wants to try to hook all the servers up, I can try to help out.
Otherwise, we hack something together to have the eouk box poll the
other servers for status reports.


On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 09:15:54PM +0100, William Anderson wrote:
> Ron suggested raising this as a separate thread so it might get more
> attention
> in light of the recent and forthcoming outages, it might be a nice idea to
> have a status.evolt.org site which has evolt.org's current status on it -
> from my previous post, an explanation:
> "Yah - can I propose we quickly build status.evolt.org either now or for
> post-this-outage so that instead of sysadmin types having to write articles
> and approve them etc etc bollocks, we have a mechanism for showing people
> that weo/leo/beo/deo/meo/etc is alive/dead and if dead, for what reason, and
> also to give announcements of any forthcoming outages ... makes sense,
> especially since we provide services via meo / beo ..."
> This stops downtime notifications appearing as articles on weo, which then
> clutter the database with eventually utterly stale content.  Something as
> major as the move merits an article IMHO, although I would reckon any such
> article should feature around the actual move itself and how it was done, as
> opposed to a simple notification that it's happening - hey, real life
> experiences people :)
> Ron also suggested it be hosted offsite from the rest of the *eo farm - I
> totally concur.  I can offer up space on a box appearing in telehouse
> docklands in london later in the month, alternately us UKvolters have the
> evolt.org.uk box in texas (go figure) which I'm sure is equally up for the
> task.
> Comments and thoughts, people?

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