[Theforum] status.evolt.org proposal

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Thu Aug 15 18:13:45 CDT 2002

Dean Mah wrote:

>Sounds good to me.  If we want this done right away, the eouk box
>sounds like the one to go with.  We should have a secondary DNS out
>there to resolve to seo when Ron's machines are off the network.
This is true.  Mine should never be off-network, but anything is
possible.  Can we get secondary DNS service from the evolt.org.uk box?

Two others had offered secondary DNS, I think William and John.  Can the
offers chime in off-list to work with me in getting the other
secondary's on-line.

>Later on to automate the page, if someone with some SNMP expertise
>wants to try to hook all the servers up, I can try to help out.
>Otherwise, we hack something together to have the eouk box poll the
>other servers for status reports.
This is a good idea.  I have done some SNMP, actually have mine checking
each other and paging me when a service is down, but have a friend that
is guru level that did most of it.  I will find out if he might donate
some of his expertise.

Ron D.

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