[Theforum] status.evolt.org proposal

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Aug 16 17:00:06 CDT 2002

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, William Anderson wrote:

> Ron suggested raising this as a separate thread so it might get more
> attention
> in light of the recent and forthcoming outages, it might be a nice idea to
> have a status.evolt.org site which has evolt.org's current status on it -
> from my previous post, an explanation:
> "Yah - can I propose we quickly build status.evolt.org either now or for
> post-this-outage so that instead of sysadmin types having to write articles
> and approve them etc etc bollocks, we have a mechanism for showing people
> that weo/leo/beo/deo/meo/etc is alive/dead and if dead, for what reason, and
> also to give announcements of any forthcoming outages ... makes sense,
> especially since we provide services via meo / beo ..."

Can we also make sure that unplanned outages also get put there with
status updates as and when possible? Even if it's only "Yes, we *know* and
we're working on it"

Saves me sticking it on the wiki header too...

> This stops downtime notifications appearing as articles on weo, which then
> clutter the database with eventually utterly stale content.  Something as
> major as the move merits an article IMHO,

Any significant planned downtime (and 30 mins at midnight Saturday
night Ron's time isn't significant imo) should also go out as a separate
notice, to either/both of weo and/or the lists (thelist, thechat and

> Ron also suggested it be hosted offsite from the rest of the *eo farm - I
> totally concur.

Would be daft to do it otherwise...


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