[Theforum] your evolt.org donation

evolt.org treasurer treasurer at evolt.org
Mon Aug 19 14:38:10 CDT 2002

Hi Brian,

I was racing against the clock and lost.

Because we still don't have a bank account set up for evolt.org (it's
been a headache that's still underway), I haven't been able to
"verify" evolt.org's PayPal account, and hence your donation has been
returned to you.

Towards the end of last week I jumped through some hoops to add one
of my own bank accounts to the evolt.org PayPal account (not
something I wanted to do) just to forestall your donation being
returned, but because PayPal takes 3-4 days to verify an account
(they put two deposits into the account, and only one has come
through as of this writing) I wasn't able to sync things up in time.

If you feel like re-posting your $10 donation, please do so as
before. I'm really sorry to have to ask you to do this, and of course
the choice is up to you. Our donation address is give at evolt.org.



Marlene Bruce + treasurer at evolt.org
http://evolt.org/ + Workers of the web ... evolt!

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