[Theforum] Re: [the****] Spam Email to my Evolt address?

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Aug 21 18:42:40 CDT 2002

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> > Our archives X out email addresses.
> they may very well do that, but some ****-headed idiots will actually
> expose your email ids in the body of their posts, and what's worse,
> when i call them on it, and ask them kindly not to do that, they get
> all defensive and claim either that they need to do it to maintain
> proper thread order (total crap)

That's the way I read mail - just fecking deal with it.  I don't gripe about
people reading messages sequentially or in alphabetical order.

> or else they couldn't help it, their
> mailer did it for them (also total crap),

Their mailer DID do it for them!!

> and then turn around and
> lambaste me for having the temerity to ask them not to do it!!

Indeed.  And when said idiots offer up solutions, such as spam filtering
software, you blow it off.

> i suppose somebody is gonna bitch at me now for bringing this up here

yeah, me - get some fecking manners and insult me, aardvark, Garrett, and
Elfur offlist.  We are all people who include the posters email address in
the body of the reply.  But I reckon your venom was directed specifically at
me, but you decided not to just come out and say it.  An attempt at faux
politeness?  Or just cowardice?  You tell me.

Spam is now a fact of life.  You'll get it whether you like it or not.  Do
you bleat like this every time you get junk mail through your letterbox?  I
don't.  I just stick it in the bin and get the hell on with my life instead
of bleating.

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