[Theforum] Re: [the****] Spam Email to my Evolt address?

John Handelaar genghis at members.evolt.org
Thu Aug 22 07:36:57 CDT 2002

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% Seriously, is there some way we could hack MajorGumbo to use a
% regexp and X
% out the email addresses in the body of an email before it makes it to the
% archives?

Who can be arsed?  Close the archive to non-members
if it's that annoying.  Certainly anything more is
pointless (if they can get around *that*, they can
already get everyone's address because they're on the
emails people send).

FWIW,  I think Rudy's going a bit far at the moment,
especially when (as was pointed out the other week)
he sometimes does it himself - the OTT hostility was
a little uncalled for I think.  And no, I don't think
William overreacted in response.

But:  in either case this constitutes behaviour we
would not permit to continue if it was on thelist.

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