[Theforum] 50% more

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Thu Aug 22 12:48:45 CDT 2002

>after 3 different delays, we have the affiliate hosting site just about
>ready to use.  i will be sending a site review request for it here,
>hopefully, by Monday so all can have a look at what we are doing and
>provide feedback for changes, additions, deletions, etc.  if we put
>together good promotional stuff for the lists and the sites, i think we
>can generate enough hosting, which translates into monthly cash flow, to
>allow us some expansion and even start building a bank account.  so, we
>may be able to afford it soon.

Yay, that's fabulous! I've repaid myself out of the PayPal account,
so now our balance is $71.80.

>however, i visited w3exit.com and had close 5 windows trying to get out.
>not sure we want to do that to our members.

Ah, and I visited in Mozilla and since it's set only to open pop-ups
I initiate, I didn't see any of those. But I could tell that the
email was a very personalized form of spam.


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