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Wed Sep 4 12:00:22 CDT 2002

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Hi Randy,

Thank you.  I will get this forwarded to evolt.org and get things rolling.

Hello All,

After this post, I will keep the rest of this thread on theforum list.

I am forwarding this email from Randy Dorman of NetWorth Enterprises.
 Randy is my brother and he and his company have been working with me to
create the evolt.org affiliate program.

As he states in his email, the site for affiliate hosting services is
ready for review.  I will get the the final things in place and send a
review request to the admin groups later today with all the necessary
information for accessing and checking the site.

Our plan is to have the admin groups review/test for a couple of days
and then make changes and fixes.  After that we would like to have 10
people that are going to join the program do a controlled live test.  We
want to do this because the linux hosting sites will be created
automatically by our systems in production mode, and want to ensure we
have not missed anything.

Let's get the marketing machine cranking on the the announcement and
promotion of the affiliate program.  This program has the potential to
cover our expenses and then some so let's do the promotion well.  isaac
and marketing had started some things, but I don't know where he was on
them and I understand that he is very busy for the time being.

Ron D.

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Subject: evolt.org permanant funding
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 23:36:02 -0500
From: Randy Dorman <randy at nweinc.com>
Organization: NetWorth Enterprises, Inc.
To: Ron Dorman <sysadmin at csi1st.net>

Hi Ron,
Thanks for all the hard work.  We are ready for the initial user review
of the hosting reseller site.  To make this kick-off very effective we
should  coordinate some notices and information to the organization.  I
do not know the limitations for informing the groups so I leave that in
your hands, or let me know if I need to do something.  Please forward
this to the appropriate evolt.org  leadership.

Congratulations on the recent case study of evolt.org in the the "polar
bear" book.  I am aware of your organization and applaud what you do for
the industry.

This is an exciting time for evolt.org.  It is a time when your online
must be stable and poised for growth.  The deserved recognition brings
new challenges, so its time to secure a financial foundation that is
equal to the professional standards for which evolt.org has been recognized.

We offer two quick and simple solutions that will provide the funding
necessary to continue the free online services and expand as the
industry joins the evolt.org mission.

1) Continuous Funding - Hosting provides consistent cash flow and can be
leveraged.  We offer a hosting reseller site with competitive
functionality and price.  We will donate 10% of all services purchased
by your  membership to evolt.org.  The same cost your membership now
sends to various vendors can be leveraged to fund the evolt.org  mission

2)  Periodic Funding - We built the reseller site for functionality.  We
will sponsor a "Design Contest" for the interested membership to create
a look worthy of your organization.  We will pay $1000 ($500 to the
designer and $500 to evolt.org) for the winning design, and recognize
the designer on the site.  We recommend the evolt.org also give the
wining designer some recognition on your web site as the best of the best.

Our company applauds evolt.org and will continue to offer new ideas and
methods to create a solid financial foundation, that allows evolt.org to
fulfill its mission.  The NetWorth Group can be just one of a growing
number of supporting entities that recognizes what evolt.org does and is
committed to  ensuring your growth.


Randy Dorman
NetWorth Enterprises, Inc.
(817) 498-2765

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