[Theforum] Re: [Fwd: evolt.org permanant funding]

Dean Mah dmah at members.evolt.org
Wed Sep 4 16:07:49 CDT 2002

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 12:33:37PM -0700, Erika Meyer wrote:

> since I couldn't recall any messages indicating that evolt.org (via
> the forum or steering) had agreed to participate in an affiliate
> program... and since I didn't really know what an affiliate program
> is... I have been using google to search evolt for more info.

Take a look at:


and all of the threads in theforum regarding funding, community in
trouble, fundraising, etc.  I don't recall anyone having a problem
with an affliate program at that time.  Ron, who quite rightfully
would like to stop bleeding money over evolt.org, is just the first
and fastest person to come up with a working affliate rather than just
talking about it.

> Maybe a report from financing would be helpful at this point, or
> from our treasurer at least.... something very simple: this is what
> we have, this is what we need, this is what we've decided to do (or
> not) to get from a to b.

> and is he saying that evolt.org is now receiving free services, but
> that these free services will not continue unless evolt.org
> participates in the affiliate program?

We are receiving free hosting and support by Ron Dorman and his
company at the current moment.  He cannot afford to do this forever.
Therefore, if we do not generate revenue, we will eventually lose
hosting.  The affliate program is one way to get revenue.

> I want to support evolt thru donations.

Then donate.

> I want evolt to be a legal entity and donations tax-deductible.  I
> want evolt to have a (good) attorney.  If I can help in any of these
> areas I would like to know.  (I actually may be able to network on
> the attorney issue since I am associated with a law school.)



Marlene has become busy and asked for help with pursuing the
non-profit stuff and getting a bank account settled.  I'm sure that an
attorney would help to this end.

> Can we also perhaps revisit our priorities?

I thinking funding is the top priority.



> PS Can forum members get info on or see any contracts evolt.org has
> entered into... or has decided to enter into... or is considering?

I don't believe that there are any contracts at this point.  Who would
sign it?  Just as when we were being hosted at Stark by Dan, we are
living off the goodwill of others until we have a reliable revenue


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