[Theforum] do we need an attorney?

Matt Liotta mliotta at r337.com
Wed Sep 4 17:54:54 CDT 2002

You probably do need an attorney if for nothing else to form the
non-profit. Evolt should also get into some sort of contract with regard
to its hosting etc. Having learned way too much about legal issues as of
late I am happy to review contracts and suggest changes, but I am not a
lawyer, so it is always my advice to seek legal counsel blah blah blah.

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> Does evolt.org need an attorney?
> Since we don't have any $$ I wonder if there is something else we can
> offer in exchange for some basic services?
> If this is the sort of question that needs to go to another list, let
> me know (or forward it and cc me).
> Here's what I'll offer, if there is interest or need (in a general or
> specific area) I am willing to try to network a bit with law faculty
> at Lewis & Clark College to find out if there is an attorney
> somewhere willing to donate some basic services and/or advice to
> evolt.org.
> http://law.lclark.edu/
> It's a long shot I guess, but it can't hurt to ask?
> Our law school faculty include at least one expert in "cyberspace
> I'm not sure what our legal needs are (or what they might be in the
> future).
> But my sense is that we *do* have legal needs.
> If it sounds like something the org is interested in pursuing, how
> should I proceed?  Poke around for interest and report back?  Or
> first have a clear idea of what we need and/or can offer in return?
> you all let me know what you think, etc.  Maybe it's premature
> thinking, maybe not.
> I would love to help the org get strong  (or at least informed)
> legally in hopes that the rest will come that much easier (or at
> least with more clarity).
> Erika
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