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% Matt Liotta wrote:
% > I just want to state that if Evolt didn't maintain the browser archive
% > finding hosting for free would be easy. Heck! I would even do it.
% ibiblio.org might host it.  This seems up their alley.  or archive.org

1. We're on it already - so far, evolt.org.uk (not an actual
   org, just a bunch of UK members of evolt) has taken up the
   slack on about 37Gb of b.e.o

2. I started conversations with planetmirror.com about 6 weeks
   ago, and they'll be joining the mirror list soon.

3. I'm doing quite well with a third big-hitting mirror site
   on this side of the pond at the mo - expect news in the next
   fortnight or so


4. Actually, the lists probably chew up at least as much bandwidth
   as the archive, so your basic premise is incorrect, sadly.

FWIW, the eouk server is dirt cheap;  two of them could easily
cover our bandwidth requirements and much of the 'core service'
but there's quite a nasty sticking point in the form of our
Oracle DB and m.e.o in processing power terms.

Certainly, without meo and Oracle, we could live indefinitely
on 20 people paying £10 per month with (for example) Rackshack.

But that particular can of worms belongs in another thread.

John Handelaar

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