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Matt Liotta mliotta at r337.com
Wed Sep 4 21:24:05 CDT 2002

How are you going to consolidate 5 servers into one? Oh and where are
you going to get $250 per month?

Never mind, it doesn't matter. I don't really care to get into a debate
of where to host and whether it is worth the money. I simply made an
offer to help out Evolt.

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> > The last number I heard was 40Gb of transfer per month for
> > but the browser archive. That seems quite reasonable.
> >
> if that's the case, a dedicated "quickserve" machine prom pair
>     http://pair.com/pair/compare/
> runs $250/month and includes 30G or traffic per month.  (these are
> managed servers, btw and pair's onsite techs and network are
> and a traffic overage of 15G/month will only add $52.50 to that cost:
>     http://pair.com/pair/quickserve/overusage.html
> i've had my client sites at pair for 5 years and have had only 2
> incidents of downtime, both scheduled, once when the datacenter was
> relocated, and once when i moved to an SSL server.  so i always highly
> recommed pair.
> -dave
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