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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Sep 4 23:56:45 CDT 2002

Affiliate programs have been discussed in the past (on the marketing list
especially) as a good, on-going means of supporting evolt.org.

As Dean has stated, there are a number of options, but Ron's is the first to
have been presented solidly.

Basically, the idea is that you normally pay $10/m for your little sites.
Instead, you host them with Ron/bro, and a cut comes to evolt.org. It's like
a tax on your sites/small clients/whatever that can keep evolt.org running.
And when e.o is often a source of inspiration and solutions for your
clients, how is that not fair?

Ideally, we'd have a variety of affiliate options (I had a few potentials
recorded on the Wiki before other issues began taking up my time), but a lot
of them are quite inflexible with regard to multiple site owners pointing
their affiliate payments at a single source, etc. I have no problems with
starting with the single affiliate option. If people don't like the service,
and don't want to support e.o, they can easily host elsewhere.

As for the design competition, it's just an idea to get the site better
presented. I've previously offered to design the site and throw the entire
$1k to evolt.org.


> when someone uses the word "leverage" as a verb (twice!), it raises
> huge red flags for me.  But I'm trying to understand... below is my
> process of trying to reach understanding.  It may be that I'm just
> being a spanner in the works of where evolt is going... I don't wish
> to be.   I do wish to voice my concerns, however.  FWIW.
> since I couldn't recall any messages indicating that evolt.org (via
> the forum or steering) had agreed to participate in an affiliate
> program... and since I didn't really know what an affiliate program
> is... I have been using google to search evolt for more info.
> I do recall the term "affiliate" being bandied about.
> I found this post from Joe Crawford
> http://lists.evolt.org/archive/Week-of-Mon-20000327/098599.html
> which appears to equate affiliate programs with multi-level marketing:
> "I would meditate on whether affiliate/pyramid/mlm programs would ever
> provide you with an income worth the hassle and bad reputation that
> MLM usually brings."
> My ISP tried to get me involved in something like this a few years
> back.  In my case at that time, it wasn't worthwhile... but regarding
> evolt... I don't know...
> So then I found this post in financing:
> http://lists.evolt.org/financearchive/2002-June/000017.html
> and that's about it.
> So more background info would help me; possibly others as well.
> Maybe a report from financing would be helpful at this point, or from
> our treasurer at least.... something very simple: this is what we
> have, this is what we need, this is what we've decided to do (or not)
> to get from a to b.
> Trying to decipher the note from Randy Dorman:
> "We offer two quick and simple solutions that will provide the funding
> necessary to continue the free online services and expand as the
> industry joins the evolt.org mission."
> What industry?
> and is he saying that evolt.org is now receiving free services, but
> that these free services will not continue unless evolt.org
> participates in the affiliate program?
> Randy says:
> "We built the reseller site for functionality."
> what site is he referring to?
> And a design contest?  What's the deal with that?  I assume this is
> just an offer and not a done deal.  When I hear the words "design
> contest" my hackles go up.  Who would judge such a contest?  Who
> would own the design?  We have some great designers at evolt, and we
> know who they are.  What's the point of a contest?  So a bunch of
> designers can waste their time building mockups for the possibility
> of "winning" $500?  And then to sugarcoat it further, an additional
> $500 carrot is dangled before evolt's starving mouth.
> Sorry, all, but I think this is some scary stuff, if it is indeed
> coming from the person who is supposed to be "donating" web space to
> evolt.org.  But I'm really  unclear about all of this so.... I'd like
> to be enlightened by those in the know.  I may well have been
> mistaken about the agreement we have with Dorman/s.
> I would really like the see a report from finance to explain it all,
> and also from whatever group agreed to this scheme, if such an
> agreement was in fact made.  Was this the answer to MEO problems
> or...?
> If we don't agree to the programs, what can we expect in the future
> in terms of costs from this provider?
> I want to support evolt thru donations.  I want evolt to be a legal
> entity and donations tax-deductible.  I want evolt to have a (good)
> attorney.  If I can help in any of these areas I would like to know.
> (I actually may be able to network on the attorney issue since I am
> associated with a law school.)
> Can we also perhaps revisit our priorities?
> I do not at this time support an affiliate program of this nature; I
> have not been convinced, nor have I seen strong arguments, much less
> a decision, made by any of the relevant groups.
> Erika
> PS Can forum members get info on or see any contracts evolt.org has
> entered into... or has decided to enter into... or is considering?
> >Let's get the marketing machine cranking on the the announcement and
> >promotion of the affiliate program.  This program has the potential to
> >cover our expenses and then some so let's do the promotion well.
> <snip>

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