[Theforum] Affiliate Hosting Site Review #1

Jeremy Ashcraft ashcraft at 13monkeys.com
Thu Sep 5 14:50:13 CDT 2002

Ron Dorman wrote:
> We are ready for the first review of a site built for an Affiliate
> Hosting Program for evolt.org.  We are asking the admin groups first for
> a review of the site, content, pricing, concept, etc. because this site
> has been built to provide revenue to evolt.org for operations expenses
> and growth of evolt.org

I applaud the effort you've put into this.  I think this is a great
start for evolt to become self sustaining.

My initial thoughts:

 From an end user standpoint, its not very intuitive as to what i'm
supposed to or what is being offered once i'm at the site.  I figured it
out soon enough, but a novice may click elsewhere.  I'd put a little
more detailed summary of what's offered on the front page.  I'm also a
little wary of the registering for an account in order to purchase,
although i know some sites make you do that(maybe i'm just paranoid or

> The site is not pretty yet because we felt it was more important to get
> the functionality working and stable to begin generating revenue as soon
> as possible (and because i am not a designer).  And also because we
> thought the users of the site should have a say in what they work with.
> You will find information on the site about a design contest to select
> the final look, navigation and functionality of the site.  We will
> continue to improve the site based on user requests and hosting support
> needs.

I think the evolt affiliate site should carry the evolt look  and feel
as well, but that's just me....

All in all, i'd say this is a great start that can only get better.



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