[Theforum] Re: Affiliate Hosting for evolt.org

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Fri Sep 6 19:57:23 CDT 2002

Erika Meyer wrote:

> Since evolt.org wants to go forward with this promotion, shouldn't we
> just hand it off to someone capable of making good design decisions,
> like Isaac?

isaac and i discussed him doing the design several months ago.  he had a
lot on his plate.  he has now said he could make time to do it and we
are looking in that direction.

the design contest had multiple purposes and we can still keep part of
them if isaac does the design.  the primary thoughts were, the contest
would provide a design for a nice interface for  users and we had
planned on leaving the entries page up so potential customers needing
design work could browse the contestants work and choose someone to do
their design.  more exposure for the designers.

what i asked people to look at and test is backend code, integrated with
the hosting servers for immediate creation of directories and supporting
applications on the servers, knowing it needs a prety cover on it.  if
it functions, we can start accepting hosting from evolt.org members
which will begin generating income while we make it pretty.

> Copy can be refined as needed.
> I still wonder where evolt starts and ends and where CSI starts and ends.

you can wonder all you want, and make all the insinuations you want.  it
will not change reality or fact.  evolt.org needs money, for several
things in addition to hosting costs.

i offered, and am trying to deliver, a fund raising program that will
provide long term, consistant  income for evolt.org.  i also offered to
get TagWear running and generating some income, and put the wiki on the
same server, the next project on my evolt.org plate. i am doing what i
can to support evolt.org and hopefully help it grow.

if you have questions and/or issues, state them and we will deal with them.

Ron D.

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