[Theforum] Re: [Fwd: evolt.org permanant funding]

Dean Mah dmah at members.evolt.org
Mon Sep 9 11:03:05 CDT 2002

On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 08:38:35AM -0700, .jeff wrote:

> is there any reason why we can't just plan to point lists.evolt.org
> over to the e.o.uk box?  the benefit in that is that all list
> traffic is then off the network and we can get rid of two boxes (the
> relays) as they'll be unnecessary.  i don't think i need to say
> this, but less hardware equals less cost (colo, depreciation, etc.).

I guess the question is, what is the purpose of having the relays?

Originally speed of delivery was their intent.  With two boxes
supplying SMTP services and running everything on a RAM disk, mail to
the thousands of members hit their mailboxes sooner.  Or at least we
did everything in our power to get the data off our servers and on the
way as soon as possible.  If we go back to a single box, we run into
the same problems as we had before which was multiple 10s of minutes
delay.  Putting it on the eouk also gets it contending with the beo
mirror traffic.


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