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Matt Liotta mliotta at r337.com
Mon Sep 9 12:07:28 CDT 2002

Maybe you are simply using the wrong MTA. There are quite a number of
high traffic mailing lists that work just fine on a single box.

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> On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 08:38:35AM -0700, .jeff wrote:
> > is there any reason why we can't just plan to point lists.evolt.org
> > over to the e.o.uk box?  the benefit in that is that all list
> > traffic is then off the network and we can get rid of two boxes (the
> > relays) as they'll be unnecessary.  i don't think i need to say
> > this, but less hardware equals less cost (colo, depreciation, etc.).
> I guess the question is, what is the purpose of having the relays?
> Originally speed of delivery was their intent.  With two boxes
> supplying SMTP services and running everything on a RAM disk, mail to
> the thousands of members hit their mailboxes sooner.  Or at least we
> did everything in our power to get the data off our servers and on the
> way as soon as possible.  If we go back to a single box, we run into
> the same problems as we had before which was multiple 10s of minutes
> delay.  Putting it on the eouk also gets it contending with the beo
> mirror traffic.
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