[Theforum] Affiliate Hosting Site Review #1

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Mon Sep 9 17:50:47 CDT 2002

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Dean Mah wrote:

>On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 02:07:33PM -0400, Ron Dorman wrote:
>>>>The site is not pretty yet . . .  [snipped by Ron D.]
>>>I think the evolt affiliate site should carry the evolt look  and feel
>>>as well, but that's just me....
>>Dean and Elfur concurred that evolt.org look and feel might be the way
>>to go.
>>The initial discussions were to keep it seperate from evolt.org, so I
>>looked for options.   I talked to my brother about evolt.org and he
>>became interested and wanted to help.  He had the ez-profits.com domain
>>registered and doing nothing, so we used it to build the site.  The site
>>is only raw templates for delivery of content and processing of orders
>>but we had to get a start with something.
>>Should we make the affiliate program a sub-domain of evolt.org?  Do we
>>want a new domain?  A sub-domain of csi1st.net?(the actual hosting
>>domain/company)  Other ideas?
>Okay, I was confused.  I thought that the site ez-profits.com site was an existing hosting company and that we would get a page on the site explaining the affliate program.  I hadn't realized that the site was create specifically for the affliate program.
the existing hosting company is mine, csi1st.net, CSI, Inc.  Randy's
company also provides hosting services.  We were just completing testing
of web based site control/maintenance applications (control panels) on
the servers at CSI, Inc. when the hosting and funding needs popped up at
evolt.org.  The affiliate programs had been mentioned and we offered to
provide one.  When the general concensus said it was a good thing, we
built the site, using the existing domain, to provide the ordering of
services and integrated it into the backend to create Linux hosted sites

>In general, I think that the domain name of the company participating
>in the affliate program should still be visible.  I don't think that
>they should need to give us a sub-domain but can if they are willing.
>I think that the page which we send to our members should be easily
>identifiable as an evolt.org page, whether that means the same look
>and feel or just the evolt.org logo displayed depends on the design.
So you think the current evolt.org affiliate program page on ez-profits,
served from csi1st.net, with csi1st.net design would be the best way to
go?  We could do that fairly quickly from either newinc.net or csi1st.net.

>That said, I would drop the ez-profits.com name and use the name of
>the actual hosting company.  I'd want to be able to remove the
>evolt.org part of the URL and easily get to real information on the
>underlying host.
Only need an informational page about the affiliate program, within the
hosting information part of the existing site.

Thanks Dean,
Ron D.

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