[Theforum] Affiliate Program Ready

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Mon Oct 14 19:52:06 CDT 2002

Greetings All,

The web site supporting the evolt.org Affiliate Hosting Program from
NetWorth Enterprises, Inc. and CSI, Inc. has been live since last Monday
and we have had 8 sites added to the servers via the new web site.
 Unfortunately, none of them were evolt.org members.

Can we get it listed on Marlene's "Support evolt.org" article on the
site (maybe start an affiliate program section so others can be added as
available) and post an announcement to thelist and see if we can get
some funds generated for evolt.org?

The look, colors and branding have changed but the URL's are the same
due to the security certificate involved.

 http://ez-profits.com/ for the site main page.
 http://ez-profits.com/?page=shop/eoaffiliate for the Affiliate Hosting
Program explaination.

This is only a start, but can be a great funding resource for evolt.org
so we want to meet the needs of the people that use the service.
 Reports of any problems will be handled immediately and suggestions for
enhancements will be evaluated and implemented as soon as possible.

Ron D.

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