[Theforum] PHP Theme system

David dave at gripnet.org
Tue Oct 22 06:31:02 CDT 2002

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Just wondering if there has ever been a PHP theme
system that dosent suck made and opensource.
I've been looking to make/modify/learn off of one but
I couldent find one that is how I want it.

Basically I want to have like /themes/<theme-name>/theme.php
then in there pretty much _create_ a theme but with little to no php.
As in lets say for my news output, have something like:
<b><<ntitle>></b> - Posted on: <i><<ndate>></i>
and have that in my body, then something like that for the footer,
navigation, header, blah blah everything else. But I'm not really sure
how I would go about doing that and wondering if anyone has any ideas.


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