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At 1:48 PM -0700 21/10/02, Barry Caplan wrote:
>I am forwarding this from the Politech List. It covers a topic of
>interest to many chi-webbers....
>>Decision is here:

>  >---
>  >http://news.com.com/2100-1023-962761.html

And simultaneously, in other circumstances, another Federal US Judge
ruled the opposite:

Judge Rules That Inaccessible Website Violates ADA

October 15, 2002

A federal judge ruled that the Atlanta mass transit agency violated the
ADA by constructing a website that was inaccessible for people with
visual disabilities. This is one of the first cases to decide that the
ADA requires online access for people with disabilities..."

For information on accessibility laws in Canada, see Tara Clevland's
evolt.org article:

And for Australia, see Joe Clark's reader's guide to the Olympics
decision. At least my home country has good and unambiguous laws
about *something*...


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