[Theforum] announcement to send (was: Affiliate Hosting Program Fund Raising)

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Wed Oct 23 10:40:03 CDT 2002

>  > I ask understanding and support until time to renew the security cert or
>>  until we can get the cert for newinc.net.  I think our members are
>>  intelegent enough to see and understand what this is about.
>You'd think so - probably no harm in adding something to any note that
>goes out to lists along the lines of "Sorry about the naff domain name -
>[summary of the above]"

Okay, here's my take:


Hi folks,

A new supporter has stepped forward to help keep evolt.org alive.

To assist us in defraying our operating costs, NetWorth Enterprises,
Inc. is offering an affiliate hosting program to evolt.org members.

For every member who chooses to host one or more web sites with
NetWorth's hosting service, evolt.org will receive 10% of the monthly
hosting fee.

If you're looking for a hosting company, please consider NetWorth's
hosting service, ez-profits.com (regrettable name, we know).

evolt.org treasurer


If you have any tweaks or suggestions, let me know.

I can send it or someone else can. Where is this going again (thelist
and where else)?


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