[Theforum] announcement to send (was: Affiliate Hosting Program Fund Raising)

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Wed Oct 23 20:22:35 CDT 2002

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.jeff wrote:

>>From: Ron Dorman
>>>couldn't have said it better myself.
>>The affiliate program will pay evolt.org 10% of monthly
>>billing, that means before any expenses are taken out.
>>Then bandwidth, servers, network equipment, utilities
>>and employees get paid.  Anything left will be go to the
>>supporter, NetWorth Enterprises, Inc.  If you will check
>>some prices and do some math, you will see that 10% of
>>billed amounts is more than a "Kickback".
>i'm not quibbling about the percentage being offered to evolt.org.  what i'm talking about is the unnecessary hype of the company offering the percentage.  evolt should not be "apologizing" for this company's setup.
that's fine jeff.  I conceded that point and have not asked for
apologies of any kind.  I don't want an announcement going out with
"regretable name" on it and killing any possible funds that we may
generate from the program.

This is not about opinions, evolt.org is not responsible for the site or
domain name, evolt.org is not endorsing the site or domain name, simply
telling our membership the program is available to raise funds for
evolt.org operations.  And since some of us do not like the name or
site, let people know that it will be improving and to domain will be
changing.  However, it is working, and we can generate revenue while the
improvements are being done.

>>Beyond that,  it is more than we are raising today.
>>What's the problem?
>david already covered it well.
If Davids point was to do something different with the last paragraph, I
am fine with that.  Marlenes original post, with Martin's suggested
change to the first paragraph and doing something different with domain
name explaination is all I would like to see changed.

My suggested replacement was simply that a suggestion.  Let's no bash
and quibble forever.  Let's find good words and get things started.
 After that, it will get better.

Ron D.

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