[Theforum] announcement: second take

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Thu Oct 24 15:46:12 CDT 2002

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Looks good. Nice work, Marlene.


> Hi folks,
> A new supporter has stepped forward to help support evolt.org.
> To assist us in defraying our operating costs, NetWorth
> Enterprises, Inc. is offering an affiliate hosting program to
> evolt.org members.
> For every member who chooses to host one or more web sites
> with NetWorth's hosting service, evolt.org will receive 10%
> of the monthly hosting fee.
> If you're looking for a hosting company, please consider
> NetWorth's hosting service. NetWorth will be changing the
> name and enhancing services, but in the meantime, the temporary domain
(ez-profits.com > <http://ez-profits.com>) will help evolt.org > right now.
> If
> you want to know more about the connection
> between NetWorth and evolt.org, please read this explanation:
> [add URL to Ron's explanation here].
> Thanks,
> Marlene
> evolt.org treasurer
> P.S. If you're not looking for hosting and haven't already
> done so, please consider making a contribution to help
> support evolt.org. More information may be found at:

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