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Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Fri Oct 25 12:42:28 CDT 2002

How does this edit sound?



For many years, NetWorth Enterprises, Inc. has provided consulting
and custom software to the mortgage banking industry, mostly for the
top 10 mortgage companies. NetWorth enjoys a very good reputation in
that industry, and began moving into Internet services 2-3 years ago.

Ron Dorman--a founding member of evolt.org--is the brother of
NetWorth's founder. NetWorth is a re-seller for Ron's company,
Computer Solutions & Insights, Inc. (CSI). CSI initially and
currently hosts and services evolt.org's mailing lists and now all of
our sites. The sites and listservs are running from the same data
center where the affiliate hosting is provided.

CSI will be managing, supporting and servicing any hosting resulting
from NetWorth's affiliate program (through their domain,
ez-profits.com). Ron will be very involved in providing excellent

When affiliate hosting programs were mentioned during evolt.org's
fund-raising discussions, Ron explained the idea and evolt.org's
mission to his brother Randy at NetWorth. Impressed by evolt.org,
NetWorth offered to provide the affiliate program, build the site to
support on-line sign-ups and get things in place to provide funding
for evolt.org.

NetWorth is providing the affiliate program under the domain
"ez-profits.com," but will eventually change the name (it will take a
little time to get the security certificates reassigned to a
different domain).

If you're interested in the affiliate hosting program, which benefits
evolt.org, NetWorth and CSI have built servers for Linux hosting with:

* CPanel web based site management software to allow each site secure
management capability for name based and/or IP based hosting
* email accounts
* stats (3 packages available, capable of adding more on customer request)
* sub-domain and parked domain support
* web based file manager
* web based management of file and directory access privileges
* raw access log download
* mysql database support with phpmyadmin
* domain cron job set up and maintenance
* 3 shopping carts
* frontpage 5 extensions
* and several other site support features.

They do not have any web based site management on Windows servers
yet, but can host on Win 2000 servers.

For more information, please visit ez-profits.com.

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