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Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Thu Oct 31 01:31:56 CST 2002

I've been playing around with something today based on a design from months


I've talked before about renaming [thechat] to [evolters] and creating
evolters.org as a social side of evolt.org.

What I've put online is a potential frontdoor design for that site. The
design is a little flawed (I'm rushed this afternoon) right now, but it
could be considered a start.

At the top is a universal evolt.org header. I'm not really happy with the
tabs or the presentation of much of that...

Then a sub-header (black bar) which would be consistent for each sub site.

Under that is evolters.org specific gear. An opportunity to meet 3 randomly
("random" = first 3 photos I could get my hands on) selected participants.
Links to join in, or if you're already a member, add your bio.

Then stuff like "recent threads on (currently) [thechat]", and upcoming
events of interest.

In the sidebar could be a listing of the top member sites, a search box, and
then member text ads.

Madhu might use his text ads to promote his recipes, or pitch for freelance
work. I might use mine to beg for accommodation in Europe. Someone else
might use theirs to look for a job, or promote a photo gallery, or promote
an open source project.

Now, behind all of this is what WAS m.e.o sites. Free for maybe 2MB.
Subscribers get more space, a certain number of text ads, a designation next
to their name as a supporter of evolt.org, etc. You become a subscriber by
making a donation (or paying a monthly thing or whatever). All of that is
obviously to be determined.

I'm just hoping this might kick something off. I no longer have time to
participate on thelist, but I do read [thechat] fairly closely and think
there is a pretty cool group who enjoy social interaction and identifying
themselves with the community.



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