[Theforum] Evolters - alternative header

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Thu Oct 31 21:45:58 CST 2002

OK, what about a header that was something like this:


(Ignore the horrible GIF palette -- about to leave the office and no time to
fix it.)

Basically, I've split some key things about evolt.org into 3 groups that are
colour coded to align with the logo.

Link names could be better (join the gang = subscribe to evolters.org;
socialise with everyone = join [thechat/evolters]; get to know an evolter =
jump straight to the "meet 6-9 random evolters).

I'm not huge on vague colour schemes, so the RGB could be desaturated and
only come up as coloured onmouseover. We'd retain the khaki background for
evolt.org, the usual colours for leo/beo/etc.

See what you think.


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