[Theforum] Evolters - alternative header

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Fri Nov 1 08:04:48 CST 2002

Isaac Forman wrote:

>OK, what about a header that was something like this:
I like the center blocks better than the tabs.  But I like the brighter
appearance of the first design.

>Basically, I've split some key things about evolt.org into 3 groups that are colour coded to align with the logo.
[snipped some . . . ]

>I'm not huge on vague colour schemes, so the RGB could be desaturated and only come up as coloured onmouseover.
I like this idea.

>See what you think.
So, what if we took the first design, replaced the block with the tabs
with the three center blocks from the alternative header (keeping white
background), color a moused over block with the the colors of the cubes
(the lighter shades in the middle), when a link in a block gets a
mouseover the text would go to the darker shade of the cubes.

Ron D.

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