[Theforum] Fw: [xxxlist] ADMIN Note (was: FW: Please don't vote.)

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Nov 5 10:44:58 CST 2002

[snip entire post]

adrian, my apologies if this offends, but i am compelled to point it out

there was altogether way too much use of the first person singular pronoun
"i" in that post -- "i'll likely treat you," "i'm really a rough grader,"
"i've taken names," "i've seen way too many people lax on this..."

perhaps you were trying for flair, but many people will not know you

we should strive to have an open, welcoming, tolerant atmosphere, and not
give the impression that thelist (and therefore the better part of the
community) is run by a fanatic who keeps track of tips, and people's names,
and judges them harshly

those who don't know how totally over-the-top you are will think

  "i can't say anything without a tip because it might be offtopic"

  "if it's offtopic, then aardvark says it doesn't matter if it has a tip"

  "maybe my tip won't be good enough so i better not post"

  "i can't think of any tips right now"

and ultimately this inhibits contribution and will kill the community

people should be allowed to make offtopic posts as long as a tip is given

also, my preference is for at least some sort of discussion permitted by
the community when something like this happens -- you gave the impression
that the entire issue surrounding this post was your jurisdiction and we
should have waited until you got back

that is not my idea of how evolt should be run

any chance you can post a followup to clarify?   please?


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