[Theforum] Books for prizes/review

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 13 19:02:15 CST 2002

Isaac Forman wrote:
> hi,
> afaik, i have 5 books to be delivered somewhere ("Professional Web Graphics
> for Non Designers", from glasshaus -- 3 of the 4 authors are evolt.org
> members [http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1904151159]). well, i've had
> 5 delivered to me already that i'll pass on to friends/family. but i
> requested an alteration to my contract specifying 10 books total, with 5
> going to evolt.org.
> i'm hoping to ask that the extra 5 are delivered to somewhere in the US/UK
> and be distributed from there as prizes or review freebies for evolt.org
> members. it seems like a more central location from which to send stuff out
> (chances are that anyone winning a comp is in the US/UK, right?).
> so, (a) what do we want to do with the books?
>     (b) where should i try to get them sent? (someone's house?)


Do you mean that you don't have the books, but can get Glasshaus to
deliver them wherever for you? If so the uk/us thing sounds good. Would
it be better for Marlene to have them since she has access to the bank
accounts? (IE, she can more easily collect postage costs in evolt's name
and then withdraw that money to send the books out.)

PS If no one else desperately wants to, I'd be interested in doing a
review of it.
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