[Theforum] treasurer's report II

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Wed Nov 13 22:29:26 CST 2002

At 07:48 AM 14-11-02, Marlene Bruce wrote:
>Since I sent my accounting last week we've had four donations. Two of
>them were significant--$100 each--which brings our PayPal balance to
>$335.91 (plus the $36.32 check from Amazon which Martin will be
>forwarding to me = $372.23).

Does this mean our new, improved footer has worked at least a li'l bit?
Hurrah for us! Yeah, baby!

That makes me happy. It really does.

Now then, shall we implement the t.e.o donation drive bar on w.e.o? All we
need is a monthly figure so we can calculate annual hosting costs. I know
Ron posted it a long time back, but could you please do it one more time,
Ron? I promise not to bug you again. :)



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