[Theforum] Books for prizes/review

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Nov 13 23:12:04 CST 2002

> $50? Phew, that ain't cheap? Are the pages made from gold, Isaac?

Personally, I think it's quite horrendously overpriced, but it DOES have a
couple of pictures of my cat in it...

> I propose that we hold a draw and randomly pick 5 people who contribute at
> least $25 in the next fortnight/month. (People need to think they're
> getting a better deal.)

I think we could get better results by picking 1 person each

Then, if we're on the last day or so of a week/fortnight, and no one's
pitched in, we re-announce and tell them that someone who rushes through a
donation is going to be very lucky and could pick up a $50RRP book for $25,

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