[Theforum] stats

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Thu Nov 14 09:12:22 CST 2002

>Martin Paul Burns wrote:
>> Comparing beo to deouk
>> http://members.evolt.org/martin/evolt/browser_stats.html
>> My back of fag packet interpretation:
>> deouk took 50% of beo's traffic when it launched. Total traffic
>> to grow at about the same rate as it was, and just about all that
>> increase is being absorbed by deouk.

>traffic in total has increased tho because...

I think it's an extension of what was happening before we capped beo -
traffic is increasing because demand is increasing (you'd think there was a
theoretical ceiling for the number of people wanting to d/l IE5.5...).

> there is no throttling enabled on
>deouk, and thus the possible maximum traffic limit is uncapped or less

...which is likely why the increase is showing on deouk.


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