[Theforum] another affiliate?

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Fri Nov 15 11:51:55 CST 2002

At 10:06 PM 15-11-02, Marlene Bruce wrote:

>Since no one's against the idea, what should I tell Ben? Seems we
>should suggest he set up the affiliate page for review, and request a
>summary of his offer & features for us to link to on the site.
>Anything else?

Pretty much, IMO. Make it so.

>It seems Ben's service has a certain niche which might be attractive
>to our bloggers, which would help differentiate his services from

I've already written to him in this regard (and BCC'd you) with some ideas.
Of course, those were just business ideas, not evolt.org-related, but since
a certain set of evolters are also bloggers, we could certainly pitch it
that way. The only catch I see is that he doesn't make too much money on
the $3 per month blog hosting plan. Of course, I suppose that's for him to
work out.



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