[Theforum] treasurer's report II

seb potter seb at members.evolt.org
Fri Nov 15 12:09:06 CST 2002

> Has there been any further discussion about the "Wall of Fame"? I can't
> remember if it was here or on the thesite that it was being discussed, but I
> thought it was a good idea. We could set up a wall of fame for donors that
> want to be on it - maybe with a link to their sites... That might convince
> some companies to donate.... I know I'd love to be on the "Wall of Fame". It
> might also get people to compete to donate the most, even if it's just in a
> sub-conscious kind of way - "ohhh John Smith donated $50, I'll have to do
> better than that".
> It doesn't have to be a fancy tracking system. You could just say, if you
> want to be listed on the "Wall of Fame" then write your name and web address
> in the comments box on the PayPal site or send an email to
> whatever at evolt.org.

Sounds kinda like advertising and sponsorship. The more you pay, the
more recognition you get.

Not that I'm against this, but the whole idea of evolt was to get away
from the kind of culture that such financing brings.

I'm all in favour of the MIT financing model. No favouritism, just
(preferably anonymous) donations to help ensure that good stuff keeps
coming out.

More to the point, if people can see that others are donating larger and
larger sums, they tend to feel that there's less need for them to become
involved. (The exception to this is when a target has almost been
reached. People love being the one to give that last little push.)

- seb

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