[Theforum] treasurer's report II

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Fri Nov 15 12:37:06 CST 2002

At 11:39 PM 15-11-02, seb potter wrote:
>(The exception to this is when a target has almost been
>reached. People love being the one to give that last little push.)

Every time I think about fund raising, my mind keeps going back to the time
Rusty of Kuro-whatever (Kuroshin?) raised that obscene amount of money
($35K?) in just a few days by pleading for money to keep him alive. (literally)

Surely evolt.org is as valuable to its members, if not more? I keep
wondering how we can raise even half that much without resorting to the ugh
crying that Kuro-thatsite did...


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