[Theforum] Books for prizes/review

Tara Cleveland tara at taracleveland.com
Sun Nov 17 21:19:23 CST 2002

Marlene Bruce wrote:

>> Has anyone thought about contacting publishers and trying to get them to
>> send us free books to review?
> Great idea. Do you have time to run with this? I'd love to do this,
> but I'm swamped with book reading for a class I'm taking, and have
> several more I'd like to dive into.

Well, I would, but I don't have any official evolt e-mail address to write
from, so I'm not sure how much credibility I'd have.  They'd probably think
I was just trying to get free books from them -- partially true, but not
entirely. ;-)

Anyone with "official" evolt status willing to do it?  I'd be willing to
figure out who to send the e-mails to and write them -- if I could send it
from an evolt address. Is there a general evolt address I could write from?


Tara Cleveland
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