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John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Sat Nov 16 12:05:06 CST 2002

On Fri, 2002-11-15 at 19:40, Eric A. Meyer wrote:
> Hello all,

Hey Eric - seeing as it's probably one of the eouk crowd
who'd be setting this up for you, I'll try and respond here

> * the ability to set up and host 'css-discuss.com' and run the list
> through 'list at css-discuss.com', or some similar address

No problem or objection whatsoever, as far as I'm concerned.

> I would pay the
> domain registry fees, although I'd ask someone at evolt to do the
> actual registering to avoid any mistakes, or else give me pretty much
> all the information needed in order to do it myself and not mess
> anything up.

I'd recommend registering through GANDI.net, partly because
they provide DNS hosting as part of the package.  If you have
another DNS host, all that'd be required is to set the MX
record to point to evolt.org.uk.

> * the ability for me to set up sophisticated filters for better spam
> management and policy enforcement
>     This was mostly due to my desire to set up a filter that
> automatically discards posts from non-members, but not those from
> non-members that contained the string [css-d] in the subject line.

Tricky, since that represents two conflicting rules - I'll
find out if the beta3 version of MM2.1 can do it.  If not, it
may have to wait a while, while we figure it out.

> administrative interface.  I also wanted to set up a filter that
> would take multipart-MIME messages and only pass along the text/plain
> portion, as currently Mailman just blocks such messages.  But, again,
> not a huge deal if this can't be done easily.

I'm pretty sure MM2.1 can do this.  If not, we can ask Dean
for info on how Dan hacked it into evolt's main MM install.
I should point out, however, that some people here have
argued that it's more trouble than it's worth.  But I can't
remember why. (jeff? iirc you were one of the naysayers and
the point was definitely worth airing...)

> * room and resources to store the public archive and list wiki, if
> they ever move from incutio.com
>     I don't have any plans to move either resource from their current
> homes, but I would like to confirm whether or not there would be
> enough resources to handle them if necessary.  I don't know about the
> size of the wiki but the archive is probably at least 100MB as of
> right now.  I am talking about an archive other than the one Mailman
> creates, which is limited compared to the one at
> <http://archivist.incutio.com/css-discuss/>.

Yeah, Mailman's archiver sucks.  Mhonarc?  Should be easy. And the
Wiki'd be a small load, I imagine.

> (book writing isn't exactly a path to riches).  Still, assuming that
> we do end up hosted by evolt, I would definitely be willing to post
> periodically to the list with a "please support evolt.org" message--
> say once a quarter, or whenever a support drive was undertaken.  We
> could work the details out later, of course.

That'd sure make Marlene and Martin happy :-)


John Handelaar

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