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Eric A. Meyer eric at meyerweb.com
Mon Nov 18 08:21:14 CST 2002

At 18:05 +0000 11/16/02, John Handelaar wrote:

>>  * the ability to set up and host 'css-discuss.com' and run the list
>>  through 'list at css-discuss.com', or some similar address
>No problem or objection whatsoever, as far as I'm concerned.

    Awesome.  In the absence of any objections that clinches it, so
far as I'm concerned; the current list is effectively dead right now,
as practically no mail has come through since Thursday.  The sooner
we can get this done, the happier I think everyone will be.
    So all I need at the moment is a pointer to a good, reliable
registrar preferred by whoever is going to be the technical contact
for the domain.  Just send me the information I'll need to register
the domain as quickly and smoothly as possible and I'll get on it as
soon as I can.  (I'll be on the road Tuesday through Thursday but I
expect to have net access for most of that time.)
    To get started, I'd just need the list set up as
"list at css-discuss.com" and a way to upload Web pages to the domain.
I figure I'll need one page to start, and maybe five or so total if I
decide to get fancy-- not counting the Mailman-generated stuff, of

>>  * the ability for me to set up sophisticated filters for better spam
>>  management and policy enforcement
>>      This was mostly due to my desire to set up a filter that
>>  automatically discards posts from non-members, but not those from
>>  non-members that contained the string [css-d] in the subject line.
>Tricky, since that represents two conflicting rules - I'll
>find out if the beta3 version of MM2.1 can do it.  If not, it
>may have to wait a while, while we figure it out.

    Waiting is fine with me.  I can deal with the default Mailman
interface easily enough.

>>  administrative interface.  I also wanted to set up a filter that
>>  would take multipart-MIME messages and only pass along the text/plain
>>  portion, as currently Mailman just blocks such messages.  But, again,
>>  not a huge deal if this can't be done easily.
>I'm pretty sure MM2.1 can do this.  If not, we can ask Dean
>for info on how Dan hacked it into evolt's main MM install.
>I should point out, however, that some people here have
>argued that it's more trouble than it's worth.  But I can't
>remember why. (jeff? iirc you were one of the naysayers and
>the point was definitely worth airing...)

    That can wait a while too, and I'll just set up the filters to
block multipart MIME messages as the list has been doing.  Right now
I'd like to get the list up and going in a new home as soon as
possible so I can announce to the list (assuming it ever comes back)
that there's a new home and everyone needs to subscribe to the new
incarnation of the list and abandon the old list.

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