[Theforum] treasurer's report II

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Sat Nov 23 10:41:17 CST 2002

Martin wrote:

>No, as the amount varies from month to month - $4.6k is an estimate based
>on last month's traffic. I'd also rather see the total going up each
>month - it's more effective donor psychology.

I'll trust your experience on this one, 'cause I don't have any...

>  > So... to recap: $10,500 is our target figure, and $4600 (+change from
>>  previous collection) is what we've collected so far.

$4600? I think Martin's figures are supportable as indicated below.
Madhu, is there something I'm overlooking (or not aware of) to think
we've received $4600?

>$830 collected so far (238GB total since August - see
>for detail) from eouk,

Martin, where did the $830 come from? If there are there donations to
e.o.uk that I'm not aware of, can you pass those along for record

>plus the $336 or so in donations/amazon income,
>totalling $1167 ie a little over 10% for the year from August.


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