[Theforum] more beo goodness ...

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Dec 16 22:58:33 CST 2002

William Anderson wrote:
> Well, finally the PlanetMirror copy of beo is being created as I speak
> ... Jason Andrade of PlanetMirror started rsyncing the contents of beo
> from the evolt.org.uk raq about an hour or so ago, and should hopefully
> have a full copy of the 4.2 gig archive by tomorrow.  At that point,
> I'll add the URL to the beo scripts, and people will hopefully start
> taking more load off beo.

Hello everybody (hello Dr. Neuro!),

just a quick missive to let you all know Jason finished his rsync in short
order, and we now have a full and up-to-date mirror of browsers.evolt.org at
planetmirror.com, parked on the Optus backbone in Australia.  The beo
backend has been updated, and planetmirror links to browsers now show up on
the download pages.  Hopefully this will help take more load from beo
itself, and draw some from deouk too, especially in Australia.

I believe that for some of those in .au with metered connections, transfers
made across the backbone which don't go to another carrier don't count
towards any traffic quota, so this is also rather cool for them :)

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