[Theforum] Holidays

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Dec 20 13:16:12 CST 2002

| From: "isaac"
| Oh, we're meant to stop working??
| (Likely to take xmas day off so as to make it to 4 or so different
| events, xmas eve for a spot of shopping, and probably not much else.)

huh, like you'll get *any* compassion
you're taking the year off, starting february ...
but then ...

From: "aardvark"

| yeah, i'll be the only one manning the office all of next week --
| except xmas day... everyone else is taking a day or more throughout
| the week...

i *have* to (re)introduce you to the icelandic version.
here the 24th is a national holiday starting at noon.
25th and 26th are both national holidays.
the big dinner is on 24th. and we open the presents after that dinner (on
most have family invitation either on 25th or 26th (or even both as is with
my family) where family is defined as parents, their siblings and sometimes
their parents as well.

offices are *always* closed all those three days and most close early on

and as it is this year, the 24th is on a tuesday, which means that many
offices have closed on mon and fri as well, since they are not productive
workdays anyways.

now if you ask me *that* is the way to go ...
sometimes i *heart* my country
(although i pay the prize, literally)


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