[Theforum] Paying Our Debt

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Sun Dec 22 12:36:10 CST 2002

Dean Mah wrote:

>Have we paid Ron *anything* for hosting the last 4 months?
Not yet.  I read Marlene's post as well, and have established a paypal
account: payments at csi1st.net

>I can't imagine that him or his investors can be
>feeling too comfortable letting us ride for free forever.
A couple of board members have berated me about it in the last couple
meetings and in conversaitons.  It has been mentioned that I should at
least restrict bandwidth until the donations are up and the bandwidth
cost could be covered by the donations.  I have so far been able to
avoid doing this and Marlene making a paypal payment would go a long way
in making them happy again.

I will generate invoices for the hosting so far, and then begin monthly
invoices starting in Jan.  Where should I send the invoices?

>Has the affliate programs generated any money?
Not yet.  We really need to promote the affiliate programs as they can
bring in consistent revenue from services many of us already use and pay
for.  I also think we need to search out and establish more affiliate
type programs to include a full range of services our members use.

>Is marketing actively promoting the programs?
I haven't seen anything.

Ron D>

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