[Theforum] Holidays

Seb seb at members.evolt.org
Thu Dec 19 12:10:54 CST 2002

> > It seems like everyone is rushing away, have a great time: lots of peace
> > and love.
>Fat chance, dude.  Doesn't look like I'll be done
>working until about the 29th :-(

Ditto. Well, I get a half day on the 24th, then the whole family thing for
christmas day (unavoidable, they live in the same town). After that, I've
got a meeting with my boss about future business directions on the 27th,
and a whole lot of system architecture to work out before NYE. At least I
can party for 2 days then... best mate's birthday on the 4th, then back to
the hard slog on the 6th.


Strangely, I still love my work after nearly 7 years of doing it. The only
other commitment that I've got so much out of for so long is partying. Go
figure. :)

- seb

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