[Theforum] Closing the contentarchive

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Jan 7 10:52:58 CST 2003

> >
> > As a group, the content team has decided to close contentarchive by
> > password protecting it.  This change is necessitated by the number of
> > requests to remove postings in the archive by people who submit, in
> > their minds, private correspondence to the content list versus the
> > need to keep an unmodified history record of the content list.
> Something else to note is that the level of intervention required by
> evolt.org types to action requests from people wanting email addresses or
> passwords spamblocked/blanked was rising somewhat, and I personally think
> that closing off the archive to prying bots makes a lot of sense from a
> workload point of view.

Spiders can be kept at bay with META tags, if that's the issue. Personally, I like
having the archive public so that when I submit an article I can check into the
content archive and see how it's progressing. I can certainly live without it, as
any issues are always handled by private email, but I'll miss it nonetheless.

I'll just send you guys emails instead...."-slobber-slobber-  is my article going
up? -pant- pant-"


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