[Theforum] browser archive and safari

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Jan 8 01:29:29 CST 2003

aardvark wrote:
> i forgot about the whole browsers.evolt.org server rotation
> thingie... i absent-mindedly tried to log in via FTP to upload Safari
> and, well, dinna work...

There's a server rotation in effect?  Shit, spinning servers - next they'll
be spewing pea soup! :)

TBH the only impact if you upload something to beo and don't tell anyone is
that the mirrors won't catch up - I manually update deouk from beo (via my
adsl) and planetmirror updates via rsync daily from deouk.  It will get
better.  Promise :)

> open to suggestions, or william, if'n you wanna post it...

I personally didn't see the point - I was stupid enough to upload opera 7b1

I think the best thing to do is from now and forever when there's a major
browser release (or prerelease), put a note on the beo front page saying
"hey, great new browser, download it from the vendor, and it'll be on beo in
a few days/weeks/months" to prevent serious bandwidth abuse.

That's my initial thoughts anyway.

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