[Theforum] donor's message

Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Wed Jan 8 23:40:03 CST 2003

Note from a person who donated:

>This email confirms that you have received a Payment
>for $XX from Adam Hoffman (adam at methodengine.com)
>Keep up the good work.  One note though - It seems quite common that
>I have to refresh pages on evolt.org in order to get them to come
>through... the server seems to stall frequently.  It's not the end
>of the world, as I can generally just refresh and get through, but
>it seems to happen on most pages as I move through the site,
>especially on browsers.evolt.org... Any thoughts?

Does anyone else have the refresh/stall problem? If so, what can we
do about it?

The problem I always have with the evolt.org site is when I first
visit the home page in any given session. The site is always
unfailingly slow to respond and serve the initial page.


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